We know that unexpected expenses happen, that’s why we are committed to getting you the best loans. DC Title Loans is focused on making sure that you have the lowest interest rates and the easiest loan repayment plan. Traditional banks often have many problems such as long waiting times to get approved for a loan, and lots of confusing paperwork. We understand this and have created a whole new way of doing things.

DC Car Title Loans

If you need a loan but have a bad credit history, that is entirely fine. We have created a system that makes it easy to get a loan even when you have bad credit score or bad financial history. If you are new to auto title loans that is absolutely no problem. Auto Title Loans, also called pink slip loans, us your car as collateral for a loan instead of using a cash sum. While paying off the loan we own the car but you are still able to drive it. Once the loan is paid off the ownership of the car is returned back to you.

Vast Number Of Locations

There are tons of locations to pick from if you would rather get approved for a loan in person. We have helped customers all over the country just like you to get the loan that they deserve. To find a location that works best for you, you can select the locations page and find the closest location. To make your visit go much faster you are encouraged to fill out a pre-qualification form. This will help our representatives get you approved for your loan much quicker.

Fast 3 Step Application

  1. The first thing you need to do is get an application filled out. You can do this either by filling one out here online, or you can call us and one of our friendly representatives would love to assist you with getting the loan that you need.
  2. Next we just need a few documents. The entire process usually takes no more than 15 minutes, but by having these documents already ready before hand will help the whole process to go much fast and more smoothly.
  3. Then you will be approved in just a short amount of time. Once you have been approved you will receive your money in your account within 24 hours.